Raj Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part 11-20

In the last chapter, we’ve learned different Rajyogas in Astrology. The present chapter is the continuation of the previous chapter and here we’ll learn some more combination of planets, resulting in Rajyogas.

  • If the Moon brilliant with disc resembling nectar and lotus stalk in color (i.e. the full Moon) occupies a Navamsa owned by the Sun and benefics unassociated with malefics occupy Kendra, the person born will become a king owning many elephants.
  • Should the Moon be brilliant and as white as milk or conch (i.e. full) and three other planets not being in depression sign or Vargas or inimical sign or inimical Vargas, be in their own Navamsas and be receiving the aspect of benefics, the person born becomes lord of the Earth (king) and Vanquishes his enemies.
  • Should the Moon having attained Vargottamsa be aspected by a strong planet and no malefic be posited in the Lagna the person will become an emperor and possess a well-formed body.
  • When Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus or the Moon are posited in 9th with brilliant rays uneclipsed and are also aspected by or associated with friendly planets, the person born will become a great king and will be worshipped by his subjects like a deity.
  • Should Jupiter and Venus be in Meena, Saturn be exalted, the full Moon be aspected by Mars and the Sun be in Aries identical with the Lagna, the native concerned will become a king owning a vast army by whose marching so much dust is raised that Sun becomes invisible and as a consequence the lotus flowers begin to contract under the impression that the Sun has set.
  • (a) The birth be at night (b) the Moon be in Cancer identical with 10th house, (c) benefics being in depression or inimical signs be posited in the 3, 6, 11 houses or be in deep exaltation or be all posited in kendras uneclipsed. When the native has such a disposition of planets at birth, he becomes, a great king ruling the three worlds under one umbrella.
  • If the full Moon is in Vargottamamsa, the person born becomes a powerful King of the Earth and is highly renowned. He will possess an army with horses, the dust raised by whose hoofs overshadows the light of the Sun and it resembles that of the Moon in the morning.
Raj Yogas in Vedic Astrology
Raj Yogas in Vedic Astrology
  • Should Jupiter and the Moon be in kendra aspected by Venus with no planet in his sign of debilitation, the person born becomes king with unequalled fame.
  • If at birth the Moon is in a watery sign and Navamsa identical with Lagna and also be in his own or benefic Varga, with no malefics in Kendra. the native becomes a King owning many elephants.
  • Five Yogas are described as follows —
    (a) If Venus is aspected by Jupiter a person born in a royal family becomes a King.
    (b) If Jupiter occupies a sign other than Capricorn identical with Lagna, the native becomes a King with many elephants under his charge.
    (c) A King will be born if in a nativity the lord of the Lagna vested with full strength occupies a Kendra.
    (d) If at birth Mercury with full strength is posited in Kendra and is aspected by Jupiter, the native becomes so influential that the Kings act according to his advice.


Raj Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part 11-20
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