Combust Planets in Vedic Astrology

The planet while in transit, comes near the Sun and is divested of its brightness and said to be combust. This is the state(avastha) of a planet when he is not in a position to give good effect or the results of the house owned.

The following table will give the state when a planet becomes combust.

PlanetsCombust in Direct MotionCombust in Retrograde Motion

(in degrees) from the Sun (either way)
Moon 12°
Mars 17°
Mercury 14°12°
Jupiter 11°11°
Venus 10°
Saturn 15°16°

Note: Rahu and Ketu, being only mathematical points, are not treated as combust. But they eclipse or obstruct the Sun.

A basic phenomena in combustion is that the combust planet does not heliacally rise during the period of combustion but is set.