Signs nature and their physical characteristics | Part 2

Libra Physical Characteristics

Fair or tall stature, graceful body, large hips, smooth hair, round and sweet face, reddish-white rich complexion, tame eyes, good looking people, polite and graceful,

Libra Nature

Courteous, gentle affable, kind, affectionate, mixing, sociable, active, beauty conscious, artistic and intuitive. Fickle and changeable, the tastes vary with the mood, Companionship, partnership and marriage are the foundation stones for success.

Scorpio Physical Characteristics

Medium size, strong and robust body, broad face, dark complexion, dark and curly hair, dark and small eyes, shrewd look, peculiar gait.

Scorpio Nature

Strong, forceful, strong willed, brave, with extreme likes and dislikes, A good fighter who will neither shirk responsibility nor avoid controversy / dispute Endurance, dignity and persistence are other positive characteristics of Scorpions. The weakness is anger. criticism and sarcasm. Mystical and secretive, they make good astrologers and occultists.

Sagittarius Physical Characteristics

Tall stature, well formed body, oval face, high forehead, prominent nose and clear eyes, fair com open hearted, god fearing.

Sagittarius Nature

Honorable, open minded, frank. generous truthful and just. Dignified and neat, life and surroundings are generally well ordered and beautiful. Independent minded, active and cheerful, they excel in sports and physical exercises. At times brusque and fiery and at times calm and balanced, but generally a follower of etiquette and well behaved. Versatile mind capable of higher learning and natural religiosity are the blessings of Jupiter.

Capricorn Physical Characteristics

Short / tall stature, slender body, thin face, plain looking, long protruding chin, thin neck, dark hair and weak knees, emaciated figure unless Saturn is strong.

Capricorn Nature

Steady, quiet, hard working, patient, tactful and subject to melancholy. They lack cheer and hope and are “non-believers” requiring scientific proof for everything. Practical, executive ability, self- restraint, strong-willed, ambitious, just, economic- cautious and prudent. The Capricorn can deliver goods due to his steadfast determination. Rarely loved, generally respected, strong and a bad enemy.

Aquarius Physical Characteristics

Middle stature, stout and robust body that is not internally strong, long face, dear complexion, hazel eyes.

Aquarius Nature

Strong willed, with fixed opinions, good intellectual abilities and tastes, scientific and literacy pursuits, open and truthful, silent but cheerful, good friends, strong memory and education. Inclination for occult and mysteries will be marked.

Pisces Physical Characteristics

Short to middle stature, thick build, round shoulders large face, fair or pale complexion, sleepy or fish like eyes, soft speech.

Pisces Nature

Sympathetic, benevolent, generous, emotional, helpful, sociable and imaginative. All arts and imaginative writing are naturally suited. Easy going, good-natured and well disposed towards all. Pisceans are dignified, well behaved and ceremonious. Sensitive, intuitional and receptive, they have the healing touch.

Why is Pisces imaginative? Because it is a dual sign. Compassion comes from love and this is from the fifth house ruled by Moon…loves all creatures. Selflessness is due to Pisces being the

12th house of the natural zodiac and intuition comes from Jupiter its lord as does higher learning.

Mercury ruling the seventh house shows a preference for younger looking partners and being changeable, Pisceans tend to change their outlook towards their ideal wife/partner very quickly This is difficult for the partner as he/she has to change quickly, behave like a child and keep the Piscean in good humor. This changeable nature makes them flirt as they tend to start liking different men or women as the weather changes.. Hence the term romantic is applicable.

The 6th house is the fiery Leo. This indicates some Pitta problems. Bile ok; Stomach problems due to o eating (sweets) is also correct.

Moods: Moods are shown by the 5th. It is in Cancer, a movable sign ruled by the moon. So moods may be fluctuating ranging from depressed to excitement

Fabrics: Why did man wear clothes? Ask Adam & Eve. 7th house. For Pisces, 7th is Virgo the debilitation sign of Venus – significator. Thus Pisceans have an atrocious dress sense and they could go to a dress dinner in shorts. Venus should be strong to alter this.

Music: Judging by the 5th house Cancer, soft and moving music is appreciated. 11th house rules the ears and hearing. Saturn indicates old , haunting melodies. Sat rules vayu tatwa and this can mean rhythm and drums.

Safety/Daring: The 3rd house is Ta owned by Venus. So not very daring and risk taking.

Herbs: Judging from the 2nd House Aries, herbs promoting pitta may be preferred.

Lucky Day Luck is from the 9th house and Mars rules this. So Tuesday.

Lucky Colors: Red

Lucky Gems: Gem for luck is coral red.

Lucky Numbers: 9 (Mars)

Signs nature and their physical characteristics | Part 2
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