Signs nature and their physical characteristics | Part 1

Signs nature and their Physical characteristics

Aries Physical Characteristics

Dry and lean body, powerful limbs, middle stature, triangular face, dark and thickest eyebrows, long neck, dark or reddish complexion (the second half is darker), rough, wiry and curly hair, broad shoulders.

Aries Nature

Energetic, impulsive, enthusiastic, courageous, outspoken, enterprising and able, prompt to react and brave, quick and rational decision-making although not cool, self—reliant, ambitious and confident, independent and reacts to restrictions or interference, emotional and generous, zealous and ascribing to groups, prone to accidents and errors due to impulse, tendency to dominate.

Taurus Physical Characteristics

Short, well-set and slumpy body, full face, small eyes, short thick neck, wide nostrils and mouth, lustrous face, large shoulders, short and thick hands, love curl on forehead.

The specific combination for excessive weight is the affliction to Mercury and its association with, the second house from Lagna , AL or Paka Lagna. For Taurus, the second house is ruled by Mercury and any affliction to Mercury will make the Taurus Lagna person over weight and suffering from double chin. Since Mercury is the second Lord, this is very easy for a Taurus Lagna to gain weight.

Taurus Nature

Artistic, skilled, beautiful, melodious, elegant, cool and poised, determined (rather stubborn), and harmonious. Very practical especially in evaluating people, project and ideas. industrious, self-centered and respective. Cold hatred, passion and proneness to flattery are the failings.

Gemini Physical Characteristics

Tall and straight body, long and thin arms, nervous and dark complexion, dark hair, hazel and bright eyes.

Gemini Nature

intellectual, active mind, flexible, writing abilities, rational mind, fluent writing I speech, very comprehensive and adaptable to all pursuits but changeable, irresolute and lacking self-confidence. Nervous, excessive worry and irritation are other weak spots. Kind humane and high spirited nature that is liable to excess and lacking continuity or will power. Linguistic and scientific skills will be marked feature.

Cancer Physical Characteristics

Moderate stature, round face, pale complexion and dedicate features, small or flat nose, small eyes. Features of the Moon sign are pronounced, but in general the natives are timid.

Cancer Nature

Sensitive, receptive, emotional, novel and sensational, affectionate, home-loving and easily influenced. Fantastic and active imagination, good anticipaion, prudent and good forethought and planning and caution are the strong features ofa Cancerian. A good sense of value and economy add to the natural ability for trade and business arrangement. The physical mind works well towards a good reputation and fameidefame depends on the Moon sign and influence on it.

Leo Physical Characteristics

Good stature, full body, well»framed and upright, broad, well-set shoulders, bright brownish, oval face, ruddy complexion, dignified and royal bearing.

Leo Nature

Honorable, magnanimous, candid generous, lion hearted, dignified, confident, ambitious and proud. Fondness for display I ostentation could reach ridiculous proportion if Leo is afflicted. Faithful and warm, leadership is often justified by matching abilities like comparison, helping nature and protective. Short-tempered and a great warrior, yet of forgiving disposition. Very cheerful and sociable, with strong emotion and fondness for luxury, the danger lies in the excess.

Virgo Physical Characteristics

Middle stature, slender, neat and prim, dark complexion, pleasing countenance, long nose.

Virgo Nature

Quiet, modest, reserved, prudent, sympathetic, adaptable, and quite difficult to understand. Good mental abilities, studious and capable of planned action. Practical and methodical, attending to minute details, tendency to store, yet lacking self-confidence and easily defeated. A good follower. Scholarly, sharp, intelligent.

Mercury, being a child, he is whimsical, has fancies and is always optimistic,

Professions: The 10th is Gemini. Work related to intelligent logic and mathematical analysis (algorithms and software).

Happiness and marriage are interlinked as the 4th lord is also the 7th lord. So to be happy, the advise is to keep spouse happy.

Desires are seen from the 7th house and since this is ruled by Jupiter and is a very fruitful sign Pisces, the desires are good and they are fruitful or fulfilled. The romance is also based on legal 1 sanction or concept of a healthy relationship within lega / socially accepted norms exists. This can be modified if malefics are in the 7th house. Saturn is the worst in this regard and the person shall not have any respect or limitation when it comes to women as the fifth lord Saturn goes to the 7th house of sex and the person will then try to misuse women and wealth for temporary gratification. In this manner the seventh house is to be understood. Note that Saturn is in an expansive sign of Jupiter and here the evils expand. In Capricorn or such sign the evils will be controlled. Concept of marriage is as per social sanction and tradition-jupiter.

Domestic Environment: Facing East, has a big kitchen (fiery sign), is very peaceful and has many books and magazines etc (Jupiter).

Hobbies: Hobbies are shown by the 2nd house Libra. Some artistic activities are possible.

Safety/Daring: The 3rd house is Sc owned by Mars. So daring and risk-taking.

Herbs: The 8th house is the 3rd from 6th and 7th from 2nd. It is Ar owned by Mars. So herbs promoting pitta and also bitter herbs may be preferred.

Luck is from 9th house and lucky day is Friday and lucky number is 6

Lucky sign in Taurus the ninth house and its color is whiie…milk white like curds.

Gems for Fortune: Diamond only.

Emerald is the lifestone for Virgo and gives good health and Karma.

Signs nature and their physical characteristics | Part 1
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