Characteristic Features of 9 planets in Astrology

Characteristic Features of 9 planets in Astrology

Features of 9 planets in AstrologyAs a student of astrology, you must understand the basics of planets. The Characteristic features of 9 planets in astrology is one such step forward in learning vedic astrology. Just try to understand the inherent characteristic features of 9 planets. That reflects the duties of planets, the karaka of planets, significator of planets, responsibility of planets.

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Characteristic Features of Sun

The Sun is the significator of the person’s collection of copper and gold, and of father, patience, valour, victory in war, one’s soul (Atman), auspiciousness, happiness, prowess, power, light, any work relating to Lord Shiva, travel in forests and mountains, havans or yajnas, Inclinations for work, temple, acuteness, enthusiasm. Wise men should act according to these significations.

Characteristic Features of Moon

The Moon is the significator of the welfare of the mother, tranquility of the mind, bathing in the sea, white chamar, umbrella, good fan, fruits, flowers, tender objects, farming grains, fame, pearls, silver, bell metal, beauty. In other words, all about the above matters should be ascertained from the Moon.

Characteristic Features of Mars

All about one’s strength (physical and mental), products produced from the earth, qualities of the brothers and sisters, cruelty, battle, courage, antagonism, the fire of the kitchen, gold, kinsmen, weapons, thieves, enemies, enthusiasm, sexual intercourse with another man’s wife, falsehood, prowess, high thinking, sin, wounds, and acquisition of the position of a commander-in-chief should be ascertained from Mars.

In other words, Mars is the significator of these matters.

Characteristic Features of Mercury

From Mercury is to be ascertained all about learning, eloquence, proficiency in arts, praise by learned people, maternal uncle, dexterity in speech, aptness for acquiring knowledge, expertise in ways of worship, intelligence,
religious acts relating to Lord Shiva, truthfulness, oyster, spots of recreation and enjoyment, skill in mechanical arts, kinsmen, heir apparent, friends, sister’s sons and daughters etc.

Characteristic Features of Jupiter

Jupiter is concerned with matters relating to knowledge, noble qualities, sons (progeny), minister, good behavior, imparting knowledge or teaching, magnanimity, knowledge of shruties, shastras, smrities, progress in every direction, devotion towards gods and Brahmins, sacrifice, penance, religious faith, treasury, mastering the senses, honour, kindness and happiness of the husband.

Note — In a female’s horoscope Jupiter should be taken as the significator of the husband. In a male’s horoscope Jupiter, among other matters, is the significator for progeny (Karaka for Children).

Characteristic Features of Venus

All about one’s wealth, conveyances, clothes, ornaments, treasures (including hidden treasures), amalgam of song, dance and instrumental music, scents, flowers, cohabitation, bed, house, richness, fondness for poetry, Indulgence in all kinds of comforts and luxuries, ministership, soft-spoken-ness, marriage and other holy deeds, celebrations, etc., should be ascertained through Venus.

Note — In a male’s horoscope all about the happiness of wife and marital happiness should be considered through Venus. Venus is the significator for the wife in such a chart.

Significator is of very great importance in assessing a birth chart. For example on a particular case of Aquarius Ascendant, the native was of about 22 years with the Dasa of Venus in operation. Some astrologers predicted that the marriage of the native would take place in his 24th years after the commencement of the Dasa of the Sun lord of the 7th house. The marriage actually took place in the Dasa of Venus.

Characteristic Features of Saturn

The significations of Saturn are longevity, death, fear, downfall, disgrace, sickness, unhappiness and misery, poverty, humiliation, sins, labour, filth, censure, misfortune, impurity of mind, observance of certain formalities after death in the family, stability, taking shelter from menials, buffalo, drowsiness, debts, articles of iron, service, slavery, confinement, getting arrested, agricultural implements etc.

Characteristic Features of 9 planets in Astrology
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