Feng-Shui Tips for Bathroom

About the bedroom, we already know almost everything, even the one where it is better to sleep your head, and were – with your feet. About such trifles as bedding and lighting, even talking awkwardly, it’s already, in my opinion, in kindergartens explain. But with “public places” there is still some uninformed. If you believe the Chinese and masters of feng shui, in this case, incompetence is the guarantee of unhappiness.

After all, what is a bathroom ? This is not a room with two earthenware containers (bigger and smaller), “successfully” combined with a storage room for dirty laundry. The bathroom is the place where we “open our eyes” to ourselves and the world every morning, create our own mood for the day, and often shape our image. Washing off the remains of evening cream and traces of nightmares, the water returns us to the state of “here and now”, including in the cycle of the surrounding world.

In the evenings in the bathroom, we do the reverse operation: remove the “emotional masks” adhered for a day, wash off the energy dirt, again becoming almost innocent babies. The bathroom is a corner in an apartment where a woman can afford to be herself. Therefore, in this place it is important to create a realm of harmony, maintaining cleanliness and order. In short, the bathroom is our everything, and this “everything” must be impeccable. Then the hostess will not only be good, but very good.

In the bathroom, energy flows are bubbling: purifying, rejuvenating, toning, or vice versa – relaxing. And if the bathroom interior is favourable, the result is obvious. And on your face. The best companion for the element Water is the element Metal – shiny nickel-plated or chrome-plated taps and mixers, the mirrors in the metal framework many times enhance the positive properties of the invigorating shower or the bath. Naturally, the cranes should not flow, because leaks will lead to unmotivated tears and money losses. No wonder in China they say: “Water has given – water has taken”.

You can increase the strength of Water at the expense of a suitable colour: blue, aquamarine, blue. But black is not recommended for a bathroom – it is too “greedy”: it takes away not only our troubles but our cheerfulness. Also not suitable and fiery red: too conflicted and disturbing, it is more suitable for the kitchen. Green softens the riot of the water element, making it soft and harmonious. Green slippers, a rug or bathrobe will not be in the bathroom unwanted guests. And the green plumbing is generally super and the highest class.

Feng-Shui Tips for Bathroom
Feng-Shui Tips for Bathroom

Putting the order on the shelves in the bathroom, you simultaneously sort your sources of income, make financial receipts more clear and stable. Facilitate the possibility of “getting out of the water” in unpleasant situations. But the clogs and muddy rusty water from the tap only increase the likelihood of stressful situations.

But in the bathroom, besides the bathrooms, laundry procedures are also made. We clean our clothes not only from physical pollution but also from the emotional, astral and mental “tails” that adhered to it during socks. Releasing clothes from “attachment” to us, we remove from the body the accumulated negative information. Accordingly, if the bathroom mountains of dirty laundry, but still in sight, the atmosphere of this room, and behind her and the whole apartment, soaked in obsolete and unnecessary information. So if you do not want to disentangle other people’s troubles, do not forget to wash your own dirty laundry in time.

The waters of time are often not just a metaphor. Every woman, except for external and passport age, has her own internal, personal mechanism of ageing. It largely depends on the emotions, stresses and energy information surrounding our body. Clean, invigorating streams of water and there are those most invisible rivers of life flowing through your apartment, rejuvenating and revitalizing. The pool, the river, the sea – this, of course, is absolutely wonderful, but not everyone can afford to bathe in them, and not always. A shower, a bathroom with aromatic additives, foams, oils – at least fill in the literal and figurative meaning of the word.

By the way, lovers of beautiful life can now feel like a “fatal woman” without leaving the bathroom. There are foam baths with a scent … champagne. So for the very modest money, you can deliver yourself such a pleasure, and then, on occasion, casually notice: “That’s when I was drunk in champagne …” Truly: two pleasures in one bottle!

Many healers recommend a contrast shower when the mental state worsens. Hardening with water is a well-known procedure. Water is not only a symbol of the turnover of money in society, it also creates a sense of health in one’s own body. Where then a healthy spirit arises. So, leaving the bathroom, turn with kind wishes to your body, so that it gets a fresh charge of vivacity. Tell yourself, aloud or mentally, how well you feel, and you will feel young and beautiful always.

Feng-Shui Tips for Bathroom
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