Feng Shui rules for Wall Clocks

In this article, we will discuss such a topic as “clock in feng shui.” Anyone has heard such statements as “time will heal all”, “time is money”. In the destiny of each person, fleeting time plays an important role: unpleasant memories are forgotten, the soul is cured. One can make the assumption that money has a connection with time.

Everyone knows that time is measured by the clock, and experts in feng shui pay attention to them in the teaching. These devices people use in everyday life, and experts in feng shui believe that the clock complements the energy space in the room and accelerates the flow of positive energy.

South, North, West, East and Wall Clock

The watch has a large, powerful power, but does not belong to any of the elements. When choosing a device, you should pay attention to the material from which they are made. And install them, proceeding from this, in a suitable sector or in a certain side of the world. Masters of Feng Shui give advice on this matter. But only mechanical watches are considered. Electronic mechanisms, and their analogs, are not endowed with this influence in any way.

Clock on the east and south-east side

The clock, located in the east of the house, favors the development of harmonious relationships in the family. If they are placed in the southeast of the dwelling, the flow of finance will accelerate. For these sectors of the house it is recommended to use a clock made of wood, with a shape of a circle, you can wavy. The correct decision in the choice of colors will be shades of blue, green, will look good violet and black. 

South side

Hours made of wood, having a triangular or rectangular shape, will be a good option.

Feng Shui rules for Wall Clocks
Feng Shui rules for Wall Clocks

Watches in this sector contribute to fame and recognition, so the masters of feng shui believe. Red and green are the most favorable. The watch should be decorative or made by hands of an artisan, that is not from mass production.

Clock, located in the south-west and north-east of the room

In order to bring love to life and to establish amorous affairs, it is necessary to put the watch in the south-western sector. But the clock on the north-east side will help to increase the craving for knowledge and wisdom, will make learning easy and desirable. An excellent frame for these watches is made of ceramics, porcelain, square and triangular shapes. Colors to choose are better beige, pink, yellow or orange.

Clock on the west and north-west side of the house

If parents want children to achieve creative success and be obedient, it is worth placing the clock in the western sector of the home. This position will attract good assistants and reliable partners for cooperation. If one of the family dreams of tourist travel – this arrangement of the clock will be ideal. The shape of the clock is assumed to be round, oval. If the square – they should be made of metal, silver or white.

The clock in the north

If a person has some skills in some business and he wants to make a career – it’s worth putting the clock in the north. Particular attention should be paid to the round and wavy forms of the watch. Preferred metal, painted in black or shades of blue. You can not only confine yourself to the north of the room but arrange suitable hours in the west and north-west of the house.

Feng Shui rules for wall clocks

The recommendations of the masters are not limited to advice on the choice of material, color and the sides of the world, where to place the device that counts the time.

For example, a restroom, where people sleep – is not designed for walkers – their ticks will disturb the peace and rest of the household. Naturally, you can not do without an alarm clock, but you can try to rely on internal, biological clocks. Or choose a small alarm clock so that it can be removed at any time. And put the big clock in the rooms, where many people gather, for example, in the kitchen, the working room, the living room.

Feng Shui does not recommend setting the clock so that they come into your eyes immediately, as soon as you enter the house.

The clock received as a gift is not a good sign. If it happened, give a gift to the donor in return, as a symbolic fee.


Such a watch is a strong talisman. The sand in them is constantly in motion, therefore the Qi energy emanating from the clock is always positive.

If there is a lack of energy in a sector of the house, there is an hourglass. The place for such watches in the office or office is the most optimal, they will make a person think that “time is money”, will give food for the mind, will stimulate the generation of new ideas.

Framing for the hourglass should be wooden. The earth is combined with a tree, therefore positively influences the atmosphere in the dwelling, the health, and mood of the owners.

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