Feng Shui for a small apartment

A person strives for harmony. And if in the European tradition, more attention is paid to finding oneself, achieving harmony of thoughts, desires and deeds, the East has thoroughly developed the rules for the coexistence of man with the surrounding world, which has immortalized in the now popular teachings of Feng Shui.

I believe – I do not believe

Believe in the postulates of Feng Shui or not, it’s up to you. But before blaming this doctrine for incompetence, it is superfluous to remember that in China it has existed for more than four thousand years and has not given up its positions to this day. Moreover, it is gaining popularity among educated and cynical Europeans, already pretty tired of the scattered and chaotic modern world.

Maybe our stresses, illnesses and other troubles really stem from the wrong location in space and careless handling of the energy of the “living land”? In any case, you always have a choice.

Feeling that everything in life goes “wrong” and “not there”, you can fall into despondency and remain in this state indefinitely, and you can try to change something and why not start this process with your own home?

Fight with reality

A good intention to remodel your house with the correct redistribution of energy usually comes across the impossibility of thoroughly meeting all the necessary conditions. It is at this stage that enthusiasts often “leave the race”. I really want to do everything right, as it should, and the cramped conditions of the Russian housing crisis not only do not allow you to take into account the surrounding landscape in the layout but even in your own apartment do not give a good time.

Feng Shui for a small apartment
Feng Shui for a small apartment

At 25 sq.m. One-room apartment can be ingloriously ruined by an initiative of the ancient Chinese. Of course, you cannot intervene in the process of laying the foundation, change the location of the bathroom, remove the stack of skyscrapers, but you can do something about it. First,

Down with the trash

The purity and absence of trash are one of the principles of feng shui, necessary for the normal circulation of Qi energy (life energy). Start your conversion with a spring cleaning. Pay attention to each corner, disassemble each locker, do a clearing of the balcony and pantry. Ruthlessly get rid of unnecessary things, chopped cups, cracked pots and torn pantyhose. Do not store old slippers and irrevocably broken refrigerator.

Unclaim things you give to friends, acquaintances, poor neighbours or take them to church. Good rules say – if anything in your wardrobe has been untouched for more than a year, then you do not need it, and you can safely transfer it to “good” hands.

But before undertaking grandiose cleaning, look at the lunar calendar. _ This event must be scheduled on a waning moon. _ Thus garbage is recommended to revenge not in the direction of the entrance door (you will outline money), and aside kitchen.


After all, the stale dust is removed, and excess trash finds its refuge in the trash, go to the next stage of the energy cleaning of the room – fumigation. This process can be done with a candle, incense sticks or a bunch of grass. Instead of fumigation, spraying with holy water is possible.

Moving in the process of cleansing is necessary from the threshold clockwise, stopping at each corner (there is collected negative energy). After cleaning, take a shower. While you were struggling “for the cleanliness of the environment” all the bad energy settled on you. It is best to use your own cold water to cleanse yourself, if your health, of course, allows.

_ To fix the result of energy purification, use amulets. _ They can be traditionally oriental: statues of elephants, Fu dogs or flying dragons (guard the front door). And can be our Slavonic: a horseshoe, a broom, various products from a tree. Suitable and a bunch of onions, garlic, peppers, bunches of herbs or special amulets of Feng Shui.

On a small scale

After you have cleared your apartment, it’s time to think about its proper arrangement. What is not so easy to do on the “little meter” will require considerable ingenuity and ingenuity. One bedroom apartment at once and a bedroom, and a living room, and study. And this multifunctionality has to be taken into account. First, with the help of a compass, determine the directions of light and decide which zones (wealth, health, career, family, etc.) you want to emphasize at the moment.

In the framework of your priorities, select the necessary areas of the apartment. You can do it with different wallpapers, “multi-layer” lighting or furniture. For example, in order to activate the zone of knowledge, it would be good to put a bookcase there, the family zone will emphasize additional consecration, and in the zone of glory place the “witnesses” of your achievements (medals, diplomas, cups).

The centre of the apartment bears a special burden. From it, energy diverges into all other sectors. Therefore, it is so important to properly activate this zone. _ The easiest way to do this is with a rug or a crystal bright chandelier. _

Behind the screen

Special attention requires a sleeping place. While we sleep, our body is filled with strength and health. Therefore, _ you should not have a bed next to a window or indoor plants _ (take energy), and also near the “progress achievements” (computer, TV, music centre) that emit bad energy.

And do not hang over the bed any racks and shelves. In addition to the fact that heaps prevent energy from circulating above the bed, they are also unsafe. Here he will take some nail or a screw and break …

In small-sized apartments, a bed often plays the role of a sofa. Feng Shui, of course, does not like furniture-transformers, but where to go. Correct the situation will help the screen, without which one-bedroom apartment cannot do. At night it will fence your sleeping place and in the afternoon a desktop.

Effective area

In small apartments, each meter is in the account. In Feng Shui – too. Do not overlook the accompanying premises: kitchen, bathroom, toilet, pantry and balcony.

In the kitchen, you need to separate the elements of fire and water. If the stove is too close to the sink, divide these areas by something wooden, such as a cutting board.

Bath and toilet “wash out” the energy. To prevent this, _ the door to the “sanitary” rooms must be tightly closed. As well as the lid of the toilet. _ In the combined bathrooms separate the main components (bath-toilet) from each other by a screen. If, due to an unsuccessful lay-out, the toilet rooms have been in your health zone or say wealth, try to minimize the negative effect of this situation. To do this, it is enough to make the doors c / y mirror, so they will disappear.

As for storerooms, one should not make a warehouse of unnecessary things. In cleanliness and order, there should be kept a few things you need in everyday life: a vacuum cleaner, a fan, an ironing board.

The balcony is also free of all sorts of rags, bottles and broken skis. As for the shape of the balcony, it is better if the outer corners of your “veranda” are rounded or bevelled (the shape of the trapezoid).

Having changed your apartment, having made it cosy and comfortable, wait a bit, see what will come of it. After the house, your life will begin to change. If good events follow, then you have done everything right. If not, you still have something to work on.

Feng Shui for a small apartment
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