Feng Shui and Bedroom

It is known that we spend almost one-third of our life in bed. And if so, then it means that we should take the best place for the bedroom. After all, if the bed is in an unsuitable place for us, then we will be threatened not only by bad sleep, irritability and depression but also by sexual dissatisfaction. Moreover, it turns out that the location of the bed is closely related to our health and family relationships.

That is why, so that our house, as they say, was a full cup and that prosperity, health and happiness always reigned in it, the bed should not be placed in the middle of the room, as it became fashionable today, but at the wall, while correctly choosing its direction. For example, if you were born in the summer, then the bed should be head to the north, if in winter, then head south, in the spring – to the west, in the fall – to the east.

In addition, it is desirable to arrange the bed in the bedroom in such a way that if possible, do not sleep with your feet to the door and at the same time see it. To achieve this, you can hang an oval mirror at the head of the bed so that the front door is reflected in it.

Do not place the bed in front of the window, because a strong blinding light contains energy that is unfavorable for sleep. It is also not advisable to place the bed in a room with a sloped ceiling.

The appearance in the bedroom of more than two mirrors can cause increased irritability and headaches. Do not also put a mirror in the legs next to the bed, by the way, this applies to the dressing tables, this arrangement adversely affects the health of the inhabitants of the bedroom. In addition it is believed that visible from the bed mirror surface can lead to strife between partners. But the mirrors on the ceiling are very welcome.

As for bookshelves, their presence in the bedroom is not necessary, because they, oddly enough, also do not work well for a person (for example, dust collects in books). But if you can not do without them, then, in any case, install them in such a way that they can not be seen from your bed.

Feng Shui and Bedroom
Feng Shui and Bedroom

Such an indispensable attribute, like a watch, should not be hung in a bedroom anywhere. First of all, they should not be behind and in front of the sleeper.

The same goes for fixtures . It turns out that their best location is not on the headboard – which can cause a nervous breakdown or restless sleep – and on the side of the bed.

And it is recommended to use photos, drawings or animal toys in order to attract favorable energy into the bedroom. For example, a bear symbolizes a deep, healthy dream. The turtle provides a full rest and a sense of security. A dolphin or some other fish is a symbol of joy and mutual understanding.

Remember that the bedroom facing the west is more suitable for adults, held people, but for the younger generation it is better to choose a bedroom facing east.

By the way, well-being in the house depends not only on the location of the bed in the bedroom, but also the location in your apartment of the entrance door.  It is believed that the best front door is the one that opens into the dwelling, so if it opens outward, it is advisable to outweigh it. It is also believed that if the front door “looks” to the north, it certainly contributes to a more peaceful way of life for the inhabitants.

The north-eastern position subjects its residents to a volatile state, the north-west location promotes men’s development of such qualities as leadership and respect for this family member. The eastern location is very favorable for those who want to do business and entrepreneurship. The south-eastern location contributes to the emergence of peace and mutual understanding in the house, but at the same time, it certainly attracts to some extent material benefits.

Not less important for the entrance door is the choice of its color . So, for doors located in the north-west and west direction white, golden or silver colors are desirable. The door “looking” to the north, it is desirable to paint in blue, black or white. The eastern and south-eastern doors require the coloring of green, black, blue, but in no case white. The southern entrance is desirable to perform in red or green colors, but in no way in blue or black.

The best is a door made of wood. However, it must necessarily be solid and the largest in the house. In addition, it must significantly exceed the growth of the highest occupant of the house or apartment. Not the best option is the metal door, which has the habit of blocking the flow of energy and separating the occupants from the outside world. Therefore, if there is no possibility to replace the metal door with a wooden one, at least close it with some kind of cladding or decorative panels.

It is possible that all of the above will seem to some to be another fantasy. However, do not rush into conclusions. And if you, God forbid, there will be (or are already present) health problems, sexual dissatisfaction, disagreements in the family, yet try to resort to our advice. And suddenly they, without any reference to doctors, will give you a good result? Remember the Eastern philosophy, which attaches great importance to all kinds of “trifles” , by which we simply run around, rushing headlong …

Feng Shui and Bedroom
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