How to choose an Apartment as per Feng Shui

Hurray, the dream has come true! You buy your own home! You have longed for this and finally, your hour has come. It seems that it’s up to the little one to find the right option. In fact, it only seems. The choice of apartments will determine the quality of your life for the next few years. Therefore, do not spare the time and energy to select a good apartment. Because if you do not like something, if something goes wrong, if your life does not change after the move, it will not be easy to change it. You can not conduct a test drive, you can not return the apartment back, give it to another, or hide it in the pantry if you find a “marriage”. But now, at the stage of choice, you can do everything! You can buy an apartment that will support you, work for you, in which you will live happily.

Of course, you pay attention to such important things as the year of construction of the house, the area, transport accessibility, price and much more. All this matters, but there is still the energy of the place, which has no less influence on people’s lives. And the realtor will not tell you about this, this is not written in the documents for the apartment, and many people will never even know about it. But this is what you need to know before buying.

In this article, I tried to give recommendations, with which you can independently evaluate the feng shui of an apartment. Perhaps not all the information will be collected or it will not be completely reliable. Of course, there are more precise methods that only a professional feng shui consultant can use. But any of these recommendations will help you reduce the risk of buying unfavorable housing and choose the best option that you will be looking at.

Apartment as per Feng Shui
Apartment as per Feng Shui

Create an image of the apartment you want to buy

  • Be specific. Determine all the most important criteria for you: area, number of rooms, price, etc
  • Consider not only quantitative but also qualitative characteristics. For example, the apartment must have good energy, a healthy and happy life, etc.
  • Use only affirmative and positive expressions. For example: “the energy of the apartment should not be negative” does not fit. It is better to say this: “The energy of the apartment is good.”
  • Use visualization, imagine the apartment you want.
  • Hold the image in your head and proceed to search.

Find out the reasons for selling an apartment

The fact that good apartment feng shui can say:

  • sale due to moving to a more spacious apartment or own house;
  • in connection with marriage or marriage;
  • for other reasons that indicate that people living in this place have become better off, have built good relationships or otherwise improved their lives.

If the apartment is sold:

  • in connection with divorce;
  • because of financial problems;
  • or for other reasons, saying that people here were ill – this may indicate that this housing is not good.

Sometimes people do not have a real reason. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to other factors.

Find out more about the previous tenants and their neighbors (especially from the upper and lower floors in similar apartments)

  • Here lived the owners or tenants;
  • How many years they lived here;
  • This is a family or single people;
  • With or without children;
  • Find out if there are unsuccessful families, tenants (alcoholics, people with serious illnesses, mentally healthy, etc.) in your entrance;
  • Try to determine the income level of people living in this entrance.

All these factors can tell a lot about the energy of this place. For example, if several residents with serious illnesses, alcohol addiction or mental disorders have gathered in the entrance, this may indicate that the entrance is in the geopathic zone. If in this entrance many residents have financial problems, then it is likely that there is an unfavorable influence of the house or its surroundings. If people have lived in an apartment for less than 3 years, this can also indicate the presence of serious problems in their lives.

All this information you can get from the owners themselves, neighbors, concierge, as well as by indirect signs:

  • paying attention to the condition of the apartment and the entrance;
  • on the smell in the entrance and in the apartment (often from apartments with dysfunctional residents there is an unpleasant smell, which is felt even in the entrance);
  • to the impression produced by people walking in the courtyard;
  • on the stamps and the condition of the cars in the parking lot;
  • if the house is not new, pay attention to the condition of balconies, windows, entrance doors to neighboring apartments;
  • pay special attention to the list of residents who are in arrears for utilities (it is often hung in the entrance on the information board);
  • on the state of the yard: it is good if the yard is green, cozy and beautiful; unfavorably, when the yard is dirty, is filled with garages, instead of a green zone parking, garbage cans are located close and in a conspicuous place.

Pay attention to the external environment of the house

What is around has a significant impact not only on a separate apartment but also on the whole house and even the district.

Unfavorable if next to the house are:

  • Cemetery (or if the residential complex is built on the site of the old cemetery) – there is a lot of Yin energy , and for active life we need the energy of Yang ;
  • Hospital – people from all over the region are going to these places, and bring with them the energy of the disease, which concentrates in one place in large numbers;
  • Prison is also a place of concentration of negative emotions and limitations of human freedom;
  • Industrial enterprises are a place of a large accumulation of mechanical devices, a plant for machines is not for people. In addition, there is still an unfavorable environmental factor;
  • Casino and nightclubs – these establishments create a lot of activity at night, when people usually sleep and make up for strength. And this requires peace;
  • Any other institution, which in its function does not correspond to a healthy happy life;
  • If the house stands with its back to the big active road. In such a house there is no permanence, stability, confidence in the future, often there are unexpected troubles.

A good influence is rendered by:

  • Parks and gardens – closer to nature, a man recovers, resting;
  • Sports complexes, fitness centers, swimming pools are places where healthy and beautiful people come to support their bodies in good shape and do their favorite things; when playing sports, hormones of joy are allocated;
  • Beauty salons, massages, and other health procedures – here people relax, take care of themselves, enjoy themselves;
  • Creative studios (art, music, dance, etc.). In these places a person develops his abilities, learns new ways, creates beautiful things;
  • Children’s centers – children carry a lot of positive energy. If they like to be in such a center, there is a big charge of positive;
  • And other places, where people get pleasure, care, good emotions, are engaged in their development;
  • If the house has a raised terrain, other houses and there is no busy road. If the house is protected from behind, this is good for the people living in it. In their lives, there is constancy, confidence, support, and support.

Trust your feelings

If from a rational point of view, you liked the apartment, it is important to find out what intuition says. After all, about many things, you will learn, only when you move. But your intuition knows everything before you buy.

  • To hear intuition, try not to think about anything and concentrate only on sensations. Quietly walk around the rooms, imagine that you live here. Do not pay attention to the appearance, it will distract you. Try to feel: whether you are good or bad, comfortable or not, whether there is a desire to live right here, whether there is a feeling that you are the master of this place.
  • Do not be shy and do not rush. Remember that you will live here the next few years. Naturally, you need time to make a decision.
  • Look at the apartment several times at different times of the day: day and night. The first sensation may not be accurate and insufficient to assess energy, it is always better to come again or two.
  • If you do not like the apartment intuitively, but there are no rational reasons for this, trust your intuition. Believe me, when you live here, there are rational reasons, but you will not turn it back.

Try on an apartment before buying

  • Take the plan of the apartment, think about how to accommodate: where will the bedroom, children’s room, study, etc.
  • What do you want to change: in the layout, the location of the doors, where to make built-in furniture.
  • Is there a technical capability for this?
  • How would you arrange this apartment?
  • Is it convenient for you, do you like everything, do you have a sense of satisfaction?

If you doubt the choice or you like several options, and if you want to minimize the risks before investing a large amount of money in real estate, consult a specialist of feng shui, whom you trust.

How to choose an Apartment as per Feng Shui
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