What is Horoscope and its different types?

Let us first try to learn what exactly is horoscope.

A horoscope is a pictorial representation of your destiny. Just like you have profit and loss statement, assets and liabilities of your business, showing all your business details in tabular and compressed form. Similarly, all your ups and downs, +/- of your life is given in horoscope.

One need the following 3 figures to make horoscope or sometimes it is just called  – chart.

  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Place of birth

From the place of birth, one can figure out its longitude and latitude; which is used in making horoscope.

You can learn to make horoscope manually by reading standard books on astrology.

There are many astrology softwares also available in the market – free and paid.

One such great free software is Jagannatha Hora Lite software, which is available to download freely from Download section of this website.

The software is easy is to use and self-explanatory. The help file in software will also help you a lot.

Types of Horoscope

Actually, horoscope is only one. But different people change its “style” to interpret it easily. Their is no difference in interpretation – whatever horoscope type you use.

1. North Indian – This is north Indian sample horoscope.

north indian horoscope

2. South Indian – Sample south Indian horoscope

south indian horoscope

3. Bengali, Oriya, Maithili style Horoscope

oriya, bengali, maithili style horoscope

What is Horoscope and its different types?
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