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 ^Planets^Combust in Direct Motion^Combust in Retrograde Motion| ^Planets^Combust in Direct Motion^Combust in Retrograde Motion|
-| | //​**Distance (in degrees) from the Sun (either way)**// ​ ||+| |//​**Distance (in degrees) from the Sun (either way)** //   ​||
 |**Moon** |12°| | |**Moon** |12°| |
 |**Mars** |17°|8°| |**Mars** |17°|8°|
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 |**Venus** |10°|8°| |**Venus** |10°|8°|
 |**Saturn** |16°|16°| |**Saturn** |16°|16°|
 +**Note**: Rahu and Ketu, being only mathematical points, are not treated as combust. But they eclipse or obstruct he Sun.
 +A basic phenomena in combustion is that the combust planet does not heliacally rise during the period of combustion but is set.
 \\ \\