Mars | Planet story

Mars is “Bhumi-putra”. He is the son of Pnthvi. Aeons ago, the Earth (i.e.Prithvi) was lying submerged in the vast expanse of the seas (forced by the brother of Hiranyakasyap, father of Prahlad. Prahlad was the great devotee of Lord Vishnu). God, in his incamation of Boar the “Varaha” avtar, killed the demon and lifted the earth and brought it out. He placed it in a suitable, stable orbit. The earth was greatful and asked the God a very feminine boon. “O God, give me a child of yours.” God obliged. Mars is the result of this Godly union with the rescued earth.

Mars – hindi name is “Mangala”. Mangala denotes good and worthy acts; it is benefic conotation. Mars being the bhumi putra grants the wordly gift of house to man, he provides shelter and the prowess to look after this shelter. Mars is purposeful action, quick execution and self-confidence bordering on arrogance and despicable vanity. Mars gives the qualities that separate men from the women. The adage is Mars is man and Venus is women. Mars has a significant say in the man-woman relationship. It is the one that starts the attraction, consumates it and then finishes it. Mars is the celetial commandar-in-chief. He is a warrior and a battle winning commander.

Mars | Planet story
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