Lesson-1 | 9 planets in Vedic astrology

Let’s start learning vedic astrology with the names of 9 planets in Vedic astrology. The list is different from what you’ve learned in your school time. Our vedas has described Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as planets and also their distance from Earth and Sun in details, but as far as Vedic astrology is concerned, they have not included them. This is the starting and major difference between Vedic Astrology and Western astrology.

Since, we’re living on Earth, it’s obvious that we’ll be directed by all other planet’s radiations / gravitational force. So, we consider Sun and Moon also as planets and 2 mathematically calculated imaginary point


Sr. No.Planet Name in EnglishPlanet Name in HindiSymbol used in Horoscope
2MoonChandra Mo
3MercuryBudh Me
4VenusSukra Ve
5MarsMangal Ma
6JupiterGuru / Brihaspati Ju
7SaturnShani Sa
8RahuRahu Ra
9KetuKetu Ke


Just remember these 9 names, along with their short-names as they are used when making horoscopes. If possible, try to remember their Hindi names also as some books or notes here may have contents using their Hindi names.

Lesson-1 | 9 planets in Vedic astrology
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  1. I want thank u very much for this wonderfull information& it so helpfull.But for the new astrologer you have not give in this detail analysis in the words.I also recived your software .If you describe the analysis in the words it become very nice software for the beginer astrologer & language urdu also.Thanks

    • Vedic astrology do not consider outer planets like Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. That’s the concept of western astrology.