How to analyze a horoscope chart?

Following are the steps one need to follow to analyze the chart. Just remember the steps for now. We’ll discuss each step in detail in subsequent chapters.

To analyse a chart:

  • See the functional benefics, functional malefic and yogakarakas.
  • See the Yogada, Kevala, Mahayoaga and other giver of yoga.
  • See the Bhadhaka sthana and Bhadhkesh
  • Lord of 64th navamsa and 23rd Drekkana
  • Planets placed in different houses, signs and lords.
  • See various dieties of the native
  • See the Flaws in the Quality of Time
  • Signs having low SAV
  • See different Yoga
  • See Transit of planets especially Sade Sati and Kantaka Sani
How to analyze a horoscope chart?
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