Characteristics of Rashis or Signs

In this chapter, we’ll learn different characteristics of different rashis (zodiac signs). All these features alone can not give any prediction of horoscope. But if used together with planets and dashas (periods), it can surely be helpful in giving predictions.

So, as a student of astrology, you must understand and learn all these characteristics.

Odd and Even Rashis

Ar, Ge, Le, Li, Sg, Aq are called odd rashis.

Ta, Cn, Vi, Sc, Cp, Pi are called even rashis.

The odd rashis are also called male rashis and even rashis are also called female rashis. It will be used to predict the sex of the child later on, when we discuss 5th house and D-7 divisional chart.

Movable, Fixed and Dual Rashis

Ar, Cn, Li and Cp are movable signs or char rashis.

Ta, Le, Sc and Aq are fixed signs or sthir rashis.

Ge, Vi, Sg and Pi are dual signs or dwiswabhava rashis.

Signs and Five elements

Ar, Le and Sg are fiery or agni rasis.

Ta, Vi and Cp are earthy or bhoo rasis.

Ge, Li and Aq are called airy or vaayu rasis.

Cn, Sc and Pi are called watery or jala signs.

The 5th element – ether or aakaasa tatwa is present in every sign.

Vaata, Pita and Kapha

Ayurveda – the Indian science of medicine – considers that human body is made of 3 dhatus  – vaata, pita and kapha. If all these 3 elements are balanced in human body, it is called a healthy state. If one or more elements are imbalanced, it is called diseased state.

We’ll discuss more about it in medical astrology, when we discuss 6th house of horoscope.

Ta, Vi and Cp are of Vaata nature.

Ar, Le and Sg are of Pitta nature.

Cn, Sc and Pi are of Kapha nature.

Ge, Li and Aq are of mixed nature.

Saatwik, Rajsic and Tamsic signs

Cn, Le, Sg and Pi are Saatwik signs

Ar, Ta, Li and Sc are of Rajsik signs

Ge, Vi, Cp and Aq are of Tamsic nature.


Ar, Le and Sg show east direction

Ta, Vi and Cp show south direction.

Ge, Li and Aq show west direction.

Cn, Sc and Pi show north direction.

Characteristics of Rashis or Signs
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