Characteristics of 9 Planets

In this chapter, we’ll learn different characteristics of planets. Just like previous chapter – Characteristics of Rashis or Signs, this chapter is very important to understand the basics of astrology.

Benefics and Malefics Planets

Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon are called natural benefic planets.

Sun, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are called natural malefic planets.

Here 2 points to understand.

1) Mercury IF alone or with another natural benefic planet is considered as natural benefic planet. If it is with another natural malefic planet, it will be considered as malefic planet in that horoscope.

Similarly, waxing Moon is considered as natural benefic planet and waning Moon is considered as natural malefic planet.

2) Here we’re using the term “natural”. It may happen that in a particular horoscope, Jupiter, which is considered as natural benefic, may become functional malefic and Saturn, which is considered as as natural malefic planet, becomes most benefic planet of the horoscope and give the native high authority, power and wealth.

So, there is no plain black or white in astrology.

Will discuss more on it later on. For the time being, just learn natural benefic and natural malefic planet names.

Main Governance of Planets


These are useful when you want to see specific inherent strength or weakness of native. E.g., if the native has excellent communication skills, Mercury must be strong in the horoscope. If the native has problem w.r.t. potency, you need to see Venus. Ofcourse, lot of other factors also. But this is one of them.

Sex of Planets



This information is particularly useful while predicting the sex of the child. E.g. if Jupiter is in 5th house of the horoscope, one can say the child will be male. If Venus is in 5th house, female child birth can be predicted.

Own Sign, Exaltation Sign, Debilitation Sign, Mooltrikona Sign of Planets

This is very important topic. As a student of astrology, you must understand it carefully as this information will be used in every horoscope you see.

PlanetOwn SignExaltation SignDebilitation SignMooltrikona Sign
Mars Aries & ScorpioCapricornCancerAries
Mercury Gemini & VirgoVirgoPiscesVirgo
Jupiter Sagittarius & PiscesCancerCapricornSagittarius
Venus Taurus & LibraPiscesVirgoLibra
Saturn Capricorn & AquariusLibraAriesAquarius
Rahu AquariusGeminiSagittariusVirgo
Ketu ScorpioSagittariusGeminiPisces

Own sign means a particular planet is at his home and is comfortable. Just like you feel better at your home than at your good friend’s house or good neighbor’s house. A planet placed in its own house is said to give good results.

Exaltation sign means a particular planet is at the MOST comfortable position. You may feel good at your home but even at home, you may feel MOST comfortable at your bed-room rather than in drawing room or balcony.

A planet places in exaltation sign is said to give very good results as it becomes very powerful.

Debilitation sign means a particular planet is at its worst position. Imagine yourself, someone forced to sit at your’s best enemy house in front of him and you are full of anger.

A planet in debilitation sign is said to be its worst position and will give bad results to the native.

Mooltrikona sign means a particular planet is at good position and is in good good to perform its duty in good manner. A planet placed in its mooltrikona sign is said to give good results.


Let us take one example to understand all the these things.

Let us say you are at your home enjoying you favorite program on TV and you son asks for a particular gift for his upcoming birthday. Chances are you’ll agree and you’ll also make him happy. Now, imagine a planet in his own house / sign.

Let us say you are at your favorite picnic spot with your family and best friend. You’re happy and enjoying, playing and in good mood. Your wife asks for a particular gift for your upcoming marriage anniversary. Chances are you may give more than that gift to your wife. Now, imagine a planet in his exaltation sign / house.

Let us say you’re fed up with your routine job in your office. Your boss is not taking you seriously and yelling at you all the times. Giving credit of your hard work to your junior colleague whom you don’t like at all. The furniture at your office cabin is breaking from here and there and all your computer hard disk data has just been erased by some virus. You get credit card statement and some hacker has used your credit card for thousands of dollars to book some air tickets.

Just then, you wife calls you and remind you about marriage anniversary gift.

What will be your reaction at that moment? Chances are you’ll transfer all your anger, frustration and agony to your wife. You’ll do it non-stop until your wife disconnects the phone. Now, imagine a planet in his debilitation sign / house.

On the other hand, let us  say you’re feeling good at your office. Your boss is happy to see your performance. You’re putting all your energy and power for your new project. The success of this new project means promotion for you. Now, imagine a planet in its mooltrikona sign / house.


Natural Relationships of Planets


For very planet, there is a friend, enemy and neutral one. Following is the table giving this information in detail.

SunMoon, Mars JupiterMercuryVenus, Saturn
MoonSun, MercuryMars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn –
MarsSun, Moon, JupiterVenus, SaturnMercury
MercurySun, VenusMars, Jupiter, SaturnMoon
JupiterSun, Moon, MarsSaturnMercury, Venus
VenusMercury, SaturnMars, JupiterSun, Moon
SaturnMercury, VenusJupiterSun, Moon, Mars


A planet with his friend is happy and will give good results.

A planet associated with its enemy will give bad results.


Characteristics of 9 Planets
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